The start of Nicole Van Haren Photography

19 May 2016

Brisbane & Gold Coast Newborn Photographer

Located in Yatala - Ormeau

Hi! Welcome to my very first blog post. I am sitting at my computer pondering for what seems like forever over what to write... which is so not like me! I am hoping that with each blog I write the words will come easier to me. I started in this industry in September 2014, a little over 18 months ago. Prior to this I was a Primary School Teacher and prior to that I also worked with children. So it makes sense to me to continue working with little people in my new career. Why Photography?..

This is such a sensitive and private topic for me, however it is the key reason why I started in Photography. So here goes..............On Anzac Day 2014 I was at home with my husband and youngest of 3 children, mapping out where in the backyard we might put a pool in the not too distant future. My husband worked extremely long hours and I was mostly home with the children on my own. I am thankful to this day that he was with me as it was a public holiday. The morning seemed normal, although I had been quite run down and feeling a bit unusual for a couple of weeks. Around 11 am I was washing pots and pans from the previous nights dinner when I suffered a stroke. Fast forward my hospital stay and 6 months of recovery and I was still feeling the effects from my illness. Anything from fatigue, weakness, stuttering, confusion, lack of co-ordination and just a general inability to make common sense choices were some of the effects the stroke had caused. As a mum and a young adult, this was devastating to my family & I. I would often cry and wonder 'why me'. I still don't know how we got through it as I was such a confused mess. Thankfully I have a drive in me that doesn't like to give in and just took one day at a time. I remember telling myself how lucky I was to still be here and that my husband was able to be home with me in the early months of recovery. My specialists advised me that I wouldn't see much more improvement from the 6 month stage, however I could try and do something new that I had never done before to help my brain create new path ways. So that is what I did!

At 6 months post stroke I started my Facebook page, applied for an ABN, purchased a professional camera and starting learning everything and anything I could about photography and the genre of newborns. I have continued to improve and only have very tiny deficits from the stroke that are manageable through listening to my body and looking after myself.

18 months on, I now have a wonderful and successful little business and very big plans for where I am going in the future. It has been such a rewarding adventure and I continue to learn everyday about not only photography but also how to juggle a family & business. The biggest lesson I have learned is that THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON! We may not understand at the time why things are happening but try to be as strong as you can be and utilise your support networks. Hopefully the clouds will lift sooner than later.

Thanks so much to all the special people in my life that have helped me through this journey and continue to support and inspire me, especially my husband, children and Mum & Dad. xx